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Speakers and Discussion Leaders

(listed in alphabetical order, by speaker’s company name)

Past Speakers

Many thanks to our speakers from MicroFab Summit 2021 and 2022.

Fabrication of Silicon Micro Speakers: Challenges and Solutions
Anartz Unamuno, PhD
Lead Silicon Processing
Arioso Systems

Direct Patterning of Multi-Material Atomic Layer Deposition for MEMS and Sensors Fabrication
Maksym Plakhotnyuk
Atlant 3D Nanosystems

Microreactor Direct Atomic Layer Processing (µDALP)
Umberto Martinez
Head of Business Development
ATLANT 3D Nanosystems

Atomic Layer Etching: Fabrication Processes and Applications
Jonas Sundqvist, PhD
CEO and Co-Founder
Alix Labs

Designing MEMS for Manufacturing: Key Lessons from 200 Clients
Alissa Fitzgerald, PhD
CEO and Founder
A.M. Fitzgerald & Associates

Integration Options for ASICs with Piezo MEMS Technologies
Stefan Majoni, PhD
Sr. Program Manager, MEMS Foundry

Enabling Miniaturization with Micro 3D Printing
John Kawola
Boston Micro Fabrication

Generalized 3D Printing for Microfluidics Miniaturization and Integration
Greg Nordin, PhD
Brigham Young University

Fabrication of Graphene Electronics for Future IoT Applications
Brett Goldsmith
Cardea Bio

PiezoMEMS: An Overview of Emerging Lead-Free Piezoelectric Materials
Daesung Park, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher

Flow Sensors Fabrication and Testing
Andrea De Luca
CEO and Co-Founder

From Idea to Market: Joint Development and Fabrication of Leading Edge Thermopile Arrays
Thomas Zarbock
Division Director - MEMS Engineering, Manufacturing and Test
Fraunhofer IPMS

Emerging 3D-Printing Technologies for Glass Microstructures
Frederik Kotz-Helmer, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer and Founder

Advanced Wafer-Level Dicing Strategies for Fragile MEMS and Sensor Devices
Mark Larrieu
Sr. Process Engineer

Monocrystalline SiC-on-Insulator MEMS Platform for Ultra-High-Q Resonators and Gyroscopes
Farrokh Ayazi, PhD
Georgia Tech

Optical Nano-Structure Fabrication for AR/VR Glass Applications
Angus Wu, PhD
CTO, Optics Business

MEMS Fabrication Ecosystem in China: Recent Trends and Developments
Doug Sparks
Hanking Electronics

Microfluidics-Enhanced Bioprinting: Emerging Techniques and Applications
Shrike Zhang, PhD
Assistant Professor
Harvard Medical School

Printed Sensors and Electronics: Emerging Technologies and Applications
Matthew Dyson, PhD
Sr. Technology Analyst

Emerging Micro-Scale Additive Fabrication Methods and Applications
Matthew Dyson, PhD
Sr. Technology Analyst

Biochip Fabrication: Current Challenges and Emerging Processes
Tony Flannery, PhD
Sr. Director, Nanofabrication Development

Advanced Process Technologies for New Medical and Consumer Applications
Jelle Fondu
Program Managerr

Micro Molding: Fabrication Process Challenges and Emerging Applications
Donna Bibber
Isometric Micro Molding

Versatile and Adaptive Materials for Innovative Microfabrication
Daniel Nawrocki
Director of Business and Technical Development
Kayaku Advanced Materials

Nanoimprint Lithography: Emerging Techniques and Applications
Jayant Patil
Business Development Manager
Kyodo International

Micro and Nano Fabrication Services
Toshinori Ichijo
Business Development Manager
Kyodo International

MEMS Fabs: Supply Chain Challenges and Emerging Trends
Doug Sparks, PhD
M2N Technologies

Fabrication of MEMS Mirrors: Main Challenges and Emerging Process Techniques
Matan Naftali

Implantable MEMS Based Medical Devices: Fabrication Challenges and Consideration
Seth Hara, PhD
Sr. Engineer
Mayo Clinic

Microscale 3D Printing Fabrication for Invasive Medical Devices
Seth Hara, PhD
Principal Engineer
Mayo Clinic

BioMEMS Fabrication for Cell Engineering Applications
Lauren Otto
Director of Chip Realization

Fabrication of MEMS Actuators: Main Challenges, Key Process Techniques and Emerging Applications
Colin Kwan
MEMS Drive

MEMS-on-Glass Fabrication for High Power Switching
Chris Keimel
Menlo Micro

Rapid Fabrication with Micromilling: Emerging Processes and Applications
Carl Dale, PhD
CEO and Co-Founder

Thin Glass Solutions for Microelectronics and Photonics Applications
Paul Ballentine, PhD
Mosaic Microsystems

Next-Generation Conformal Coatings For MEMS and Sensors
Rick Fung

Fabrication of Nano-Optical Systems: Integration Challenges and Solutions
Bill Choi

Lithography for MEMS Applications: Emerging Process Trends and Developments
Keith Cooper
Technical Sales Engineer

Chip-Scale Gas Sensors: Fabrication Challenges and Solutions
Abhishek Motayed, PhD
N5 Sensors

Customized Silicon Wafers with Built-in Patterns for Optimized MEMS Process Flow
Päivi Sievilä
Technology Manager, Patterning

Bonded SOI Wafers: Technology Trends, Latest Advancements, and Emerging Applications
Petri Santala
Customer Support Manager

Metrology and Inspection for Today’s MEMS Devices
Paul Knutrud
Director of Marketing, Optical Products
Onto Innovation

MEMS Mirror Fabrication: Techniques, Challenges, and Considerations
Ulrich Hofmann, PhD
Co-Founder and Managing Director

CMUT Fabrication Platform: Combining Performance and Volume Manufacturing
Paul Bekkers
Business Development Manager
Philips Innovation Services

CMUT Fabrication Platform: Combining Performance and Volume Manufacturing
Paul Bekkers
Business Development Manager
Philips, MEMS Foundry

Getter Films Integration in High-Volume MEMS Fabrication Processes
Mauro Riva, PhD
Business Manager
SAES Getters

MEMS Volume Production: Key Lessons, Challenges, and Considerations
Roisin Smith
Sales and Marketing Manager

PZT MEMS Processes for Sensor and Actuator Applications
Carlos Stahr
Business Development Manager
Silex Microsystems

MEMS Foundry Standardized Process Integration
Daniel Perttu
Vice President Customer Integration Engineering (CIE)
Silex Microsystems

PZT Film and Processing Technologies for PMUTs
Chun-Ting Shen
Foundry Group Engineer
Silicon Sensing Systems

Monolithic CMOS MEMS Fabrication: Techniques, Challenges, and Applications
Arjun Kumar Kantimahanti
Sr. Vice President of Technology Development

Next Generation Foundry Solutions for Emerging Technologies
Arjun Kumar Kantimahanti
Sr. Vice President of Technology Development

Enabling MEMS Manufacturing Success with Process Design Kits
Mary Ann Maher, PhD
CEO and Founder

Lab-In-Fab for Innovative Piezo MEMS Development
Laura Castoldi
MEMS Process Development Manager

Innovative Piezo MEMS Solutions: Emerging Process Technologies and Applications
Valentina Baiardo
MEMS Business Unit Director

Wafer Level Monolithic Fabrication of Micro-Optics
Davide Lomellini
Area Sales Manager
SUSS MicroOptics

Precise Lapping and Polishing for MEMS and Microtech Fabrication
Chisato Maeda
Sales Manager
TDC Corporation

Mass Production of Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers
David Horsley
CTO, Emerging Sensors Business Unit
TDK InvenSense

Fabrication Techniques for Embedding Electrodes in Microfluidics
Collin Twanow
Director of Technology

Quality Planning and Assurance in MEMS Manufacturing
Collin Twanow
Director of Technology

Monolithic Silicon Fabrication of Ultrasonic Transducers
Mo Maghsoudnia
Founder and CEO

Glass Etching for MEMS and Microdevices Applications
Wei Chen, PhD
Principal Scientist

High Performance Etching Technology for MEMS/NEMS Applications
Wei Chen, PhD
Principal Scientist
ULVAC Technologies

High-Resolution Stereolithography: Emerging Techniques and Applications
Aftab Bhanvadia
Lead Researcher
University of Florida

Subsurface Fabrication of 3D Photonic Devices and Optics
Lynford Goddard, PhD
University of Illinois

Direct Laser Writing of 3D Graphene-Laden Microstructures
Ryan Sochol, PhD
Director, Bioinspired Advanced Manufacturing (BAM) Laboratory
University of Maryland

Integrating MEMS in a Silicon Photonics Foundry Process
Niels Quack, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Sydney

Piezo Fabrication for MEMS Micro-Speakers
Andrea Rusconi

Piezoelectric Microphones Fabrication: Challenges, Solutions, and Emerging Techniques
Matthew Crowley
Vesper MEMS

MEMS Manufacturing Trends and Ecosystem Dynamics
Pierre Delbos
Technology and Market Analyst
Yole Intelligence, part of Yole Group

MEMS Manufacturing Market Trends: Foundries, Equipment, and Technology
Taguhi Yeghoyan, PhD
Market and Technology Analyst
Yole Developpement

Monolithic Fabrication of Photonics and MEMS Based Inertial Sensors
Lia Li, PhD
Zero Point Motion

Many thanks to our speakers from the 2019 event.

People Tracking, Vital Signs Monitoring, and Gesture Recognition Using Radar
Veronique Baudon
Strategic Partnership Manager

Resonant MEMS and NEMS Devices for Quantum Engineering
Philip Feng, PhD
University of Florida, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Paper and Plastic Sensors: Emerging Technologies and Applications
Alissa Fitzgerald, PhD
Founder and CEO
A.M. Fitzgerald & Associates

MEMS-Based Sixth Sense: Technology Development Process and Potential Applications
Marcellino Gemelli
Director of Global Business Development
Bosch Sensortec

MEMS Mirrors: Reliability and Recent Applications
Jan Grahmann, PhD
Head of Active Micro-Optical Components and Systems
Fraunhofer IPMS

Ultrasound Fingerprint Sensors: Technology Developments and Comparisons
Joy (Xiaoyue) Jiang, PhD
UC Berkeley

Emerging and Future Applications Enabled by Sensors Technologies
Andrew Maywah
Investment Director
TDK Ventures

Opportunities for MEMS and Sensors: Need Driven Innovation and Partnership Frameworks in Medical Devices
Nicholas Mourlas, PhD
Senior Director of New Ventures and Transactions
Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Artificial Intelligence and Image Sensors
Harshita Sahu
Technical Lead
Sony Electronics

VC Perspective on Deeptech Inflections and MEMS Investment Opportunities
Rajesh Swaminathan
Senior Investment Director
Applied Ventures

Industrial Photonic Sensing Systems: Emerging Trends and Future Directions
Loucas Tsakalakos, PhD
Director of Photonics, Horizontal Technologies
General Electric, Global Research Center

Energy Harvesting and Industrial IoT: Emerging Technologies and Applications
Brian Zahnstecher

Call for Speakers

If you’d like to participate as a speaker, please call Jessica Ingram at 360-929-0114 or send a brief email with your proposed presentation topic to

  • Emerging fabrication techniques for MtM, sensors, microtech, and MEMS devices
  • Impacts of enabling process technologies on new and emerging applications
  • Business trends, market projections, M&A developments, and startup activity
  • Supply chain trends and challenges, ecosystem perspectives, government regulations, and international trade dynamics
  • Advanced packaging, assembly, and test technologies
  • Emerging materials for MtM, sensors, microtech, and MEMS devices
  • Platform-based design vs. “pure play” foundries approaches, IDM vs. fabless approaches
  • Cost management and reduction for MtM, sensors, microtech, and MEMS devices
  • Scaling, yield improvement, rapid prototyping, and high volume production
  • Innovation and emerging trends with EDA software and simulation tools
  • Emerging process technologies such as TSVs, 3D stacking, wafer level packaging, CMOS MEMS integration, NEMS and nanotech, polymer and glass microfabrication, novel materials and coatings, lamination techniques, FHE, biochips, microfluidics, MOEMS and silicon photonics, as well as ultra-thin and flexible substrates